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In cooperation with St Lukes Hospital and the Tryon Painters and Sculptors, members of the club will be presenting some of their work at St Lukes Hospital in Columbus, NC from February 18 through May 2012.

Media release from St Lukes Hospital.

In case you have not had the chance to see, St. Luke’s Hospital is fortunate to house some of the most beautiful, original artwork in Polk County! Coordinated by the Tryon Painters and Sculptors (TPS), the revolving exhibit changes approximately every three months. What once was a small exhibit has more than tripled to 90 pieces representing 30 local artists.

The art exhibit has expanded from only covering the St. Luke’s back hall to now include the inpatient hallway leading to the nurse’s station and the walls of several departments and waiting rooms. This requires many additional works of art so TPS has extended an invitation to exhibit to other artists in the community. Anyone interested in displaying an oil painting, a watercolor, or a sculpture that can hang on a wall, please call Jean Wright with TPS at 859-8359. This rotation will hang from February – May 2012.

To be included in the exhibit, TPS will need the artwork delivered to the classroom at St. Luke’s Hospital on Friday, Feb. 17, and Saturday, Feb. 18.  Please have artwork ready to hang with secure wire (no brackets) and clearly labeled (title, media, price, your name and your contact information).

TPS has made a bit of progress formalizing the “rules” for this exhibit:

·         Open to members and non-members of Tryon Painters and Sculptors.

·         Because the exhibit is in a public space, nudes are not appropriate.

·         Participants must sign a St Luke’s Hospital liability waiver (in the Volunteer Workroom).

·         Contact information for the artist is provided (if desired) with the tag for each piece.  The artist is responsible for any sale of art.  A piece may be removed from the exhibit when it is sold, but we ask that you advise the coordinator so we can find a replacement.

 “We’re extremely pleased to provide a venue for local artists to display their talent, but we’re also hopeful that these original paintings are truly healing arts,” said Ken Shull, St. Luke’s Hospital CEO. “Not only will staff and visitors appreciate creative expressions, I know our patients have and will benefit greatly.